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Hi! I'm Jack, but you can call me Solitude.

See that mug up there holding the camera with the lens cap still on? Yep, that's me. I'm Jack, and I'm your friendly neighbourhood button-presser!


I'm three decades into my life, and I've enjoyed capturing photographs for as long as I can remember.  I’m on a mission to tell the many stories of the individuals I meet along the way as I transcend on my photographic journey and foster a memorable, safe and fun shoot experience!

I've also got a HUGE passion for the arts. I basically live at Nineteen Ten (ask them, I've even slept there), and I'm no stranger around the many shows and venues around Adelaide! I live and breathe the arts, and almost all of my friends are either performers, producers, or learning to so something way more talented than what I could do! It's why I sit on the sidelines and let them do the cool stuff while I make all the pretty things for the 'gram.

Outside of Solitude, I'm an avid collector and restorer of vintage cameras (I shoot with them too), work another full-time day job (yep, I'm a busy one!), and dream of making my camera my full-time gig.


I spend every moment I can find studying and perfecting my craft and practicing the art of image retouching, and I'm using my skills in not only crafting the finest memes on the market, but the stunning imagery I'm really proud to show you on this website!

Behind the scenes, I find it hard to be serious, so shoots are always a load of fun. Enjoy some BTS below!

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