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Solitude & Co. specialises, above all else, in one thing - Portrait Photography.

A portrait isn't simply a headshot, though. In my eyes; a portrait could be anything encapsulating the essence of a subject in however its form may take. Whether it be full-body, glamour, intimate, artistic, professional or otherwise; the images I capture are my interpretation of that person, their persona, their energy, and of course, their ideas.

Each and every Solitude portrait project is a collaboration of your ideas and my unique stylization.

I see my portraits less as photographs, and more as art, and thus I treat them as such!

Creating magic with Every Image

Your shoot isn't where the majority of the magic happens - the true magic occurs behind the scenes throughout my image retouching process.

With in excess of two years' experience in professional-grade image retouching, colour grading and stylization; I'm confident in bringing your ideas to life as we reimagine you as who you dream yourself to be.

The stylization process is an emotional and spiritual process, and each of these crafted images are a labour of love and personification to bring about an artistic rendition of the subject.

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Award-Winning Artistic Collaborations

On occasion I will embark on an artistic collaboration with a local model and allow for our creativity run wild.

These collaborations are to flex our creative muscle (so to speak) and embark on a journey of genuine storytelling, and create magic which we may otherwise not be able to do with a regular shoot. Two such collaborations resulted in receiving Highly Commended awards in Capture Magazine's Top Emerging Australasian Photographers of 2021 and 2022 consecutively.

I am not currently open for TFP/Collaborations, but always appreciate hearing your creative ideas in case we should cross paths and collaborate in the future. Please don't hesitate to drop an enquiry should you have a vision in mind.

Respect in Your Most Intimate Moments

Solitude & Co. understands that being at your most vulnerable in front of a camera can be a daunting experience for some, and that's why I aim to deliver the most comfortable and relaxed intimate shoot experience as possible, so that you can focus on feeling confident.

Respect is at the forefront with Solitude Intimate shoots, and I am always happy for you to bring a friend, partner, or any person of whom you feel comfortable with, to a shoot for your safety, confidence and peace of mind should you wish to do so. Together, let's put the respect back into intimate portraiture.

Whether your purpose is for personal confidence, or if you're a local content creator wanting fresh and diverse content; Solitude Intimate packages are tailored to suit your needs and style. With in excess of 3 years' experience in delivering next-level content for content creators; you can take your personal sites and social media to new heights and give your fans motivation to keep that re-subscribe box ticked.


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