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Photography has been a passion my entire life, and capturing the stories of individuals through their faces and bodies is my calling. I like to say that I'm not simply a photographer - I'm a storyteller. Behind the camera is my happy place, my solitude, and the people I meet along the way are the best company.


My name is Jack Rapture, and I'm the face behind Solitude.


I’m almost three decades into my life, and I’m situated in the picturesque Adelaide foothills. I’ve been enjoying capturing photographs for as long as I can remember, and I believe that a picture can tell not simply a thousand words, but write an unforgettable saga. I’m on a mission to tell the many stories of the individuals I meet along the way as I transcend on my photographic journey.


Alongside Solitude I have a passion for vintage imagery, and I collect and restore vintage cameras so that they can tell many more stories to come.

I like to combine the raw and delicate art of film photography with my modernized equipment to artistically blend the worlds of analogue and digital.


I don’t simply photograph people. I photograph the way they feel, their story and their inner selves. I can preserve them in an image, or I can recreate them altogether.


I spend every moment I can find studying and perfecting my craft and practicing the art of image retouching. It’s become somewhat of a specialty as of late, and I offer retouching services, tutorials and education for fellow photographers and hobbyists.


Where does the magic reference come from..? The word 'magic' has been tossed around by many a person I've worked with when referring to my editing process, and it was too good an opportunity to pass up and not use in the long-term. I genuinely find so much joy in creating magic from imagery, and I would love to do the same with you.


If you wish to meet me and create magic together; reach out, and let’s collaborate to get you (or your next event) looking magical.

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